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7 Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Power Chewers

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Do you have an aggressive chewer in the house?  Does your dog find a way to destroy even toys labelled “indestructible dog toy”?  Maybe you have a large dog like a pitbull or a labrador.  Maybe you have a teacup yorkie which is bent on world domination by toy destruction?  Well, we have compiled a list of some of the best dog toys for power chewers!

The indestructible dog toys for power chewers listed below are some of ours and Pepper’s favorites!  Feel free to use the links below to jump to the toy you are most interested in!

When selecting a new toy, keep the following in mind:

  • Every dog is different so some toys might not be right for you and your dog.  We have found that while these indestructible dog toys may be perfect for Pepper, our Yorkie won’t be interested.  Be sure to take your individual dog’s needs into consideration when purchasing any new toy.
  • Also, we have found that sometimes indestructible dog toys are too strong and your dog may lose interest quickly because they feel like they can’t do anything with it.  A bored dog is a troublemaker!
  • As with all of our recommendations, if you purchase more than one indestructible dog toy make sure only to introduce one toy at a time (unless you have multiple dogs). This exercise will help you maintain your dog’s excitement for new toys.  By rotating your toy collection, your dog won’t have time to develop bad habits either, like possessiveness.
  • We keep the toys in a nice storage bin and rotate toys every other day.  This makes it seem as if we are always introducing a new toy.

Goughnuts - Original Dog Chew Ring

This indestructible dog toy has lasted the longest out of any this toy on the list. Between Pepper wanting to kill every toy she touches and me breaking everything I touch, this toy can withstand anything we have thrown at it!  The doughnut features a rubber ring that is much softer than the typical tire toy. It also features an indicator when your dog chews too far into the ring. We enjoy throwing this toy all around the back yard for Pepper to chase.  If she ever gets bored with it, we put a small amount of peanut butter on it and let her chew on it outside.  This dog toy for power chewers has to be the best on this list for our family because Pepper can spend a long time on it and never make an impression.

  • Construction

    Solid rubber construction with a center indicator ring - if your dog chews through (and you can see the indicator) the manufacturer replaces the toy

  • No edges

    No rough edges for the dog to gnaw on - they really have to work for this one

  • Mouth Health

    Soft rubber so no bloody gums

  • Weight

    Heavy construction so it tires dogs out quicker when playing fetch

Kong Rubber Ball Extreme

My dog Pepper is not the type to try to solve puzzles.  Instead, Pepper prefers to take more of an Incredible Hulk approach to solving her problems. After six months of gnawing in the same place on the regular kong she was able to chip pieces of the standard Kong because of the edges on it. Due to the fully rounded shape of the ball, she has yet to break any pieces of this Kong Ball Extreme. This also has an added benefit to being able to entertain your dog for more extended periods with a spot to insert treats inside this toy.

  • Outdoor Play

    Great for fetch! It has enough bounce to tease your dog

  • Rewards

    Hole in the center to put treats into, it will keep your dog busy for awhile

  • Construction

    If your dog does have time to chew on the ball, it is solidly constructed to withstand a heavy chewer

KONG Extreme Dog Toy, Black

This should not come as a surprise to anyone that the Kong line of toys made the list of indestructible dog toys (not once, but twice). Kong has long held the title of dog toys for power chewers!  Kongs come in four different types, six different sizes and by different colors designate different strengths. The Kong I recommend for durability is the Kong Extreme represented by black colors. This Kong has excellent durability and an added benefit to being able to entertain your dog for more extended periods by being able to tuck a treat inside the toy. Make sure you look at the Kong Chart to make sure you pick the right type and size for your dog.

  • Construction

    Classic shape and sturdy construction makes for a staple toy in every household

  • Rewards

    Hole in the center to put treats and other goodies to keep your dog engaged. We recommend peanut butter (make sure it doesn't have xylitol).

  • Durability

    Can withstand heavy chewing for a long time.

  • Mouth Health

    Won't cut gums!

  • Reliable

    Comes in a variety of sizes for any size of power chewer.

  • Made in the USA!

Mammoth TireBiter Chew Toy with Rope

Who doesn’t love two toys in one? When you add in the durability of a tire, this one is a no brainer.  This indestructible dog toy is not only durable and well made, but it will also help keep your hands out of a dogs nipping zone when playing that awesome tug of war game.  This indestructible dog toy would have rated higher, but we began to notice after a couple of weeks of use that our dog was getting through both the tire and the rope. Overall, this is one of the best tug toys on the list, and we highly recommend it!  This toy also comes in 4 different sizes to help you pick the right size for your dog.

  • Construction

    Made like a real tire (seriously)

  • Safety

    Great tug toy and keeps your hands safe

  • Mouth Health

    Rope can be used to floss teeth and clean mouth.

TUFFY Mega Gear Ring

This is an excellent indestructible dog toy for dogs who truly enjoy plush toys. The great thing about the Tuff line of toys is that these toys have the outer appearance of a soft plush but great durability. The trick is their construction. There are seven rows of stitching and four layers of material made up of 2 layers of luggage grade material with specific layers coated with plastic to hold the material fibers together. Then the outer layer is covered in a soft fleece. They have added great safety benefits like a squeaker safety pocket sewn in in case the outer layers are penetrated to allow you time to remove the squeaker before being swallowed. 

I chose the Tuffy MegaGear because this is the strongest out of the Tuffy toy line. It is difficult to understand the exact scale that Tuffy uses on their toys but a grade 10 is the strongest, and I have not seen anything below a 7 on their level system. There are multiple sizes, shapes, and designs for their grade 10 toys. 

  • Construction

    Its bright colors make it easy to find even when playing a game of fetch. Its machine washable after that game of fetch too!

  • Durability

    7 layer construction with squeakers which are double stitched in. A 10 on the Tuffy Scale.

  • The Only Stuffed Toy We Trust

  • Made in the USA!

The Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone

We have found that rawhide will irritate the dog’s stomachs and antlers tend to splinter with enough chewing.  The best “bone” for indestructible dog toy list has to be the Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone.  Not only will Pepper sit for what seems like hours, but Daisy will too!  They seem to really like the shape of the treat, and the flavor keeps them occupied.  This dog toy for power chewers really puts our power chewers to the test!  Come to think of it we probably need to order another one for Daisy…

  • Design

    Unique design allows for dogs to angle the toy for the best chewing position

  • Ingredients

    100% real ingredients, when they say Chicken, they mean chicken

  • Safety

    Doesn't splinter as easily or quickly as an antler

  • Flavor

    You are going to have to ask a dog about this but the manufacturer claims it doesn't lose its flavor!

  • Made in the USA!

West Paw Jive Zogoflex Durable Ball

Have you ever tried throwing a tennis ball for a power chewer?  If you have, you have probably learned that the tennis ball won’t last long.  

Rounding out the indestructible dog toy list is our solution to this problem.  The West Paw Jive Ball is a great playtime toy.  We can play for hours in the back yard with this ball.  Its bright colors make it easy to find in the grass, and it won’t break with constantly getting bitten and thrown.  I don’t miss finding pieces of tennis balls all over the back yard.

  • Design

    Crazy design so that you never know where it is going to go when you bounce it. Floats so it is a great pool, creek, any type of water ball Bright colors make it easy to find

  • Durable

    Has withstood the most aggressive of power chewers.

  • Made in the USA!

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